New Journey: “Do It Scared”


This is what it feels like!


Beginning a new journey is never an easy thing. There is a level of comfort with the old one, even if it was bad…it was known. You could predict what can go wrong, and because of this there is no fear. you know that world. I have, in many instances, been the person most willing to do what is necessary, but when facing this new challenge, I find myself wanting to wilt under the immense weight of the unknown.

Fear, I know, is not really ever a good reason to avoid doing something (within reason, I am afraid to climb Everest, and I am not going to be starting a journey of self-discovery on that one). I know, often times, that fear is not actually about being incapable of something, but rather the feeling and doubt that accompany failure.  This, for me, is compounded by the fact that I have a family, a wife and two small children, and failure for me means difficulty for them. I find myself wondering if I have what it takes to succeed, fearing that I will fail them in a deeper sense, and feeling a deep tug to stay safe.

I don’t want to malign safety, in the end it is something that we all truly do desire. However, that safety, if I am to be honest, is no better for my family than failure, but the opportunity before me can produce something my family has truly yet to experience at this point: Abundance in a financial sense. Our needs have always been met, we have never truly been in lack; however, the impending opportunity provides the potential to expand our lives, our ability to engage our society, and improve our quality of life. In addition, this will be the first time in my life that I could potentially be unfettered from a world of have to’s and connected to a world of want to’s.

Given my description, it would seem like the choice is easy, but it’s not. Today, I read a post that really inspired me, and it made me think a lot differently about things: Do It Scared. Was the advice. How simple, how rich with meaning, how courageous. I am admitting that I am scared, but I can still do it, and if I am successful my life will be forever changed.

Today, I’m doing it scared!





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